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Childs Celebration of DanceA Child's Celebration of Dance Music (Music for Little People 1998) - This is a children's CD that adults will enjoy just as much or maybe more. Music for Little People has collected 15 fun dance songs that will get everyone on their feet.

Get your kids in the grove with "Fun, Fun, Fun," sung by the Beach Boys. It is really amazing when my four-year-old likes the songs I enjoyed as a teenager, I guess when it's right, it's golden. The next track is "The Twist" by Chubby Checker; what other dance was headlined, "The most vulgar dance ever invented?" The third track draws you in even further with The Jackson Five singing "I Want You Back."

Child's Celebration of Dance Music also includes songs by Chubby Checker, Johnny Horton, Clarence "Frogman" Henry, Chuck Berry, Taj Mahal & the Cultural

Heritage Choir, and let's not forget Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs.

The kids of this generation want good music to listen and dance to: Who to know better than their parents? Why not share your knowledge of music with your children and buy A Child's Celebration of Dance Music. ENJOY!

Tribal WatersTribal Waters (EarthBeat! 1998) - There is music for the whole planet.

Tribal Waters is music from Native Americans, backed by traditional instrumentation (flutes, drums, chants and rattles) and contemporary sounds from piano, guitars and horns. Talented artists from a gamut of tribes present their songwriters and performers accompanying by gentle sounds of water flowing over waterfalls, rocks and down a creek.

The songlist features "Water Song From the Morning Prayer," "Walking On the Water," "Choosh," and "My Eyes Fill With Rain."

Water offers the gift of life, and is sacred to the Native Americans, who honor and respect the spirits of the natural world through their ceremonies and music. Water is the creator of everything that will grow from the rain in which they give thanks and pray.

Please, "Drink in the Beauty of the music."

Child's Celebration of the World A Child's Celebration of the World (Music for Little People 1998) - The Celebration of the World shares the songs of the World that are timeless, while also offering education on the languages of the continents.

"Counting in French, Swahuli, and Spanish" by Sweet Honey in The Rock is intertwined with "Kumbaya" performed by Joan Baez, "The Unicorn" ("Green alligators, longneck geese, date, rats, etc."), "Anishanabe" with a smooth sound, "Bon Jour" (Papillion), and the "Banana Boat Song" (Taj Mahal).

Join the worldly artists of Raffi, The Irish Rovers, and Maria Muldaur in these heartfelt songs. This CD has won a Parents' Choice "Honors" Award.

Let your children sample the music of the world! And join in the commitment to "edutainment" for your child.

DaddyagogoDaddyAGoGo, Cool Songs for Cool Kids (1998) - John Boydston and Walt Brewer, friends since junior high, have released a fun kid's album in Cool Songs for Cool Kids. Mixing rock 'n roll, surf music, and TV songs, the two dads play to audiences young and old.

John provides guitars and vocals, while Walt adds drums and vocals. Songs like "Go Speed Racer Go" and "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" play off familiar TV themes, while "Brush Your Teeth," "The Name Song," and "Ants in My Pants" are all original songs with good "growing up" messages.

The album also includes several solid surf-rock instrumentals, including "The Thang From Plant Twang" and "I Got My PF Flyers Workin'." Also included is the self-explanatory, "Daddy's Diaper Blues."

Cool Songs for Cool Kids is a fun album for all age groups. When our kids started dancing to the music, I knew this 16- track paeon to fatherhood was a hit. Contact DaddyAGoGo at or write to 2482 Jett Ferry Road, Suite 680/B-15, Dunwoodie, GA 30338.

- Gail Krbechek © 1998

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