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ToneweldersTonewelders, Five Sticks (Plan Z Records 1999) - Five Sticks is a groovy home recording, with plenty of roots rock and pop melodies. Fronted by David Glennon, the new album mixes diverse elements to produce classic American bar rock.

(Side note - Can you see today's rappers sitting in a smokey bar five or ten years down the road, trying to spin out a nighttime tale that will make you cry in your beer? Not likely.)

Glennon has been recording since the 80s, first with the
Vulgar Boatmen and later with Walter Salas-Humara on the first album from the Silos.

ToneweldersGlennon later moved to Gainesville, Florida, where, according to the press notes, "Mr. Glennon faked his own death and disappeared from even the most sophisticated radar."

I don't know about that part, but Glennon's 1999 return with the Tonewelders is a fun album. For the new recording, Glennon recruited musical assistance from Glennon's
John Alexander, Michelle Bailey, Brenda Bayne, Kevin Sanders, and Alice Sinkins.

Glennon's tongue-in-cheek attitude is displayed throughout, on songs like "It's a Guy Thing," "She Hates Me," and "7-11 of Lovin'".

One of those low-key home recordings that deliver a solid package,
Five Sticks is a fine selection of "altpoprockcountryfolk" songs (in Glennon's own words).

For most information, contact:
Plan Z Records
Post Office Box 5883
Gainesville, FL 32627

Phone 352/371-7886

- Randy Krbechek © 2000

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