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SubterraSubterra, The Speed of Pain (American Horse Records 1999) - Subterra is the creation of Houston-based musician Howie Doyle. Accompanied by Mark Mudy on bass, guitarist and percussion, The Speed of Pain reflects images of Neil Young (and Crazy Horse) in deep, refreshing draughts.

Doyle is no stranger to the Texas singer-songwriter tradition, yet stretches it into the alternative and guitar rock genres. With biblical allusions and moving-window impressions of good and evil, The Speed of Pain is a constant winner.

Howie DoyleDoyle has an honest, gutsy voice that takes no prisoners. Mixing in guitar noise (ala Pearl Jam) and techno rock influences (ala Eels) Subterra remains true to Neil Young's prototypical guitar grunge-rock sound on songs like "Bothered" and "Just Want to Let You Know." Also included is a standout cover of Willie Nelson's, "I Never Cared for You," with a rocking back beat.

Howie's darker apocalyptic visions are most apparent on the sprawling concluding track, "The People Believed." Other musicians include Daron Jones on guitar, Jimm Davis on drums, and Bill Notley on drums.

Doyle's a real talent, with an ear for guitar rock with melodic riffs. For more information, contact:

Howie Doyle
5222 FM 1960 West, Suite 109
Houston, TX 77069

Phone: 281/440-0278
Fax: 281/580-4433

American Horse Records
Post Office Box 90485
Houston, TX 77290

Phone 281/440-0278
Fax (281) 580-4433

- Randy Krbechek
© 1999

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