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The SituationThe Situation, The Situation (Apricot Records 1998) - New York City-based trio The Situation delivers a polished product in The Situation. Sometimes funky ("My Mother Likes Black Men"), sometimes power pop ("Profit of Doom"), and sometimes blues-based rock ("Say Uncle"), The Situation is a professional outfit.

The band consists of Buddy Greco, Jr. (son of famed jazz drummer Buddy Greco, Sr.) on drums and bass, Mike LeTourneau on vocals and keyboards, and Robert Hahn on vocals and lead guitars. For live gigs, the band adds Wayne "Shoe" Schuster and Dave "Professor" Jessen.

The SituationThe album was recorded at Tiki Studios in Glen Cove. Veterans all, The Situation displays its sense of humor on the white boy rap of "What Would DeNiro Do?" And "Our Situation" is one of the strongest tracks in the album, with a Big Head Todd rock sound.

Adds LeTourneau, "I'm happy to be back playing. I said the hell with the business . . . Give me a beer, a sunny day and my ax and I'm happy. I'm a 90's version of the 60's hippy, with necessary revisions."

For more information, contact:
Buddy Greco, Jr. phone 516/667-7120

- Randy Krbechek © 1999

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