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SeventeenSeventeen, Ransom Your Handsome (Risky Music 1999) - Ransom Your Handsome is an 8-song EP from mystery trio, Seventeen. Hailing from Boston, the band plays straight-ahead rock-n-roll.

Seventeen is comprised of brothers
Chris Baird (vocals and bass) and Jon Baird (guitar and vocals), together with Jason Adams (on lead guitar and vocals), and recently-recruited drummer Anthony Mellace.

SeventeenSeventeen plays straight-ahead rock-n-roll, balancing traditional themes of angst, alienation, and guitar noise.

The band boasts that, "without a publicist or even a manager, we've quickly acquired a few of the many necessary band credentials: a green Ford Econoline, Marshall Stacks, a tour, a 700+ person mailing list, and a lawyer. All this acquired not with any major-label PR juggernaut but with the show itself."

Ransom Your Handsome was produced by Scott Riebling (from Letters to Cleo), and was mixed by Ron St. Germain (who has worked with Tool and Sonic Youth).

With tracks like "Mark Fu" and "Fingerbang,"
Ransom Your Handsome is a fine introduction to this band.

For more information, contact:

Risky Music
Attn: Chris Baird
18 Morse Lane
Hopkintown, MA 01748

Phone: 617/718-9100

- Randy Krbechek © 2000

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