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Rachael SageRachael Sage, Smashing the Serene (Mpress Records 1999) - Like fellow artists Tori Amos and Ani DeFranco, Rachael Sage has a breathy vocal delivery wrapped in syncopated beats and funky arrangements. With a healthy dollop of mid-20's uncertainty, Smashing the Serene is a fully-conceived recording.

Rachael has released one prior album, the indie release Morbid Romantic (which has sold solidly in her hometown of New York City). Rachael was originally trained as a professional dancer, and has obtained a degree in drama from Stanford University.

Rachael SageFollowing in the footsteps of Ani, Rachael has formed her own record label; Ani also invited her to open several shows last fall. Rachael also performed in this year's
Lilith Fair shows.

The musicians on
Smashing the Serene include Rachael on vocals and keyboards, Rob Curto on accordion and melodica, Carol Sharar on violin, David Rosenberg on drums and percussion, Ben Butler on acoustic and electric guitars, and Conrad Korsch on fretless bass.

Rachael SageExplains
Rachael, "I wanted this record to sound 'real,' to contain as much of the quirkiness and energy that live players are able to give off to an audience." To achieve this, Rachael and her band cut the basic tracks in one large room, complete with candles and incense. Rachael later added ethnic touches such as an accordion, violin, and pennywhistle, "until I could see the different places I was coming from in each song."

With tracks like "Air We Share" and "Alive Before You," Rachael has a solid future on the alternative charts. For more information, contact:

Mpress Records
Attention: Nina Interlandi
1 Aster Place, Suite 8B
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212/533-3343
Fax: 212/533-2320

Lisa K. Cohen
Wicked Rose Artist Management
Phone: 212/533-3443

- Randy Krbechek © 1999

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