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Rock the BachDanney Alkana, Rock the Bach (Four Winds Entertainment 1999) - Danney Alkana, a skilled guitar player from Southern California, put down his axe in 1981 when his band broke up.

Fourteen years go by, and Alkana is working part-time in a music store. A customer asks him to play one day, which rekindles Alkana's his love of music. Brought together with Lee Smith from Four Winds Music, Alkana is encouraged to record a rock set of songs by classic composers. The result is Rock the Bach, ten tracks that will lift your spirits.

Alkana provides all the instrumentation on the album, mixing his guitars with an electric orchestra ranging from synthesized woodwinds and brass to strings, pipe organ, and drums. The tracks include a selection from Beethoven's "Fifth," "A Little Serenade" by Mozart, and three selections by Vivaldi, including "Concerto in B Minor."

Older, wiser - and not as much hairExplains Alkana, "I would like you to know that I truly mean no disrespect by playing music by some of the greatest composers the world has ever known! My intentions are to promote the Masters to a listener who may never have been exposed to classical music otherwise. For the rocker, my greatest desire and hope is that you wear out the CD, experience many hours of enjoyment, and want to hear more. If so, I will be there."

The natural comparison is Switched on Bach by Walter Carlos, which used electronic instrumentation to revive classical works. Alkana is a skilled musician, and should help preserve this musical heritage.

For more information, contact:

Four Winds Entertainment, Inc.
248 Florence Avenue
Inverness, IL 60010

Phone: 847/963-9901
Fax: 847/963-9906
Email: Danney Alkana

- Randy Krbechek
© 1999

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