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Rhonda WatsonRhonda Watson, Rhonda Watson (Jeree Records) - Youthful Rhonda Watson has released her self-titled debut. With country influences and a pleasing voice, Rhonda Watson is an enjoyable listen.

The album has ten songs, and clocks in at a refreshing 30 minutes. Rhonda wrote the songs and provides all vocals, and is joined by
Donna Groom on keyboards and strings, Mark Groom on drums, Don Garvin on keyboards, bass, guitars and synthesizer, and John Perrendo on fiddle.

Rhonda WatsonWhile some songs (such as "My Old Man") are a bit sappy, other songs have a pleasant, country-oriented sound, such as "So Many Things" and "Be Your Own Best Friend."

Not too heavy, not too light,
Rhonda Watson has a smooth delivery.

For more information, contact:
Rhonda Watson
Post Office Box 230
Beaver Falls, PA 15010


- Randy Krbechek © 2000

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