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Off the RecordNashville: Off the Record (Flinflon Records 1999) - Nashville: Off the Record is a project headed by Music City songwriter Joyce Harrison. Gathering a group of talented musicians and friends, Harrison has released the likeable Nashville: Off the Record.

The album contains ten tracks, performed by seven different singers, including Rob Crosby ("Free Run") and Tim Buppert ("Warm Your Heart"). The tracks are all written in a gentle, country/acoustic style. My favorites include the soft voice of Ron Cole on "Like Alice Said," and big-voiced Lisa Gregg on "Honey Eyed Boy."

In the studio Yet the broken-hearted songs are the best, including the sweet voices of Stephanie Delray on "Hey, Are You Leaving So Soon?" and Dianne Killen on "I Still Have Your Jacket."

Nashville: Off the Record is intended as a showcase for seven of Nashville's best session singers, as well as the intelligent songs of Joyce Harrison. Take spin with this polished product.

For more information, contact:

Joyce HarrisonFlinflon Records
c/o Joyce Harrison
6754 Pennywell Drive
Nashville, TN 37205-3010

Phone: 615/356-7735

Dianne and Michael KillenSecond look: Dianne Killen and her Scottish-born husband, Michael Killen, have their own friendly release, A Voice Like Yours. The Killens met while performing at Nashville's Blue Bird Café in 1991, then didn't come together again until 1995.

While A Voice Like Yours has a pop flavor on songs like "You Know that Feeling by Heart," I prefer the honky-tonk two-step of "Any Other Man" and the heart-felt ballad, "The Way He Looks."

Dianne and MichaelThe musicians on A Voice Like Yours include Harry Stinson, Rick Vito, and Dan Dugmore. While Dianne has the star circle, husband Michael steps up to the microphone on half the tracks, including the soft rock of "Wait for Love."

For more information about this pleasant musical team, contact:

Dream Bus Records
Post Office Box 128063
Nashville, TN 37212

Phone 615/386-3395

- Randy Krbechek © 1999

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