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Mark StuartMark Stuart, Songs From a Corner Stage (Gearle Records 1999) - Nashville native Mark Stuart stands front and center with his solo debut, "Songs From a Corner Stage."

With his polished downhome style, Stuart shows why he is a prized session player and touring side man for such acts as Steve Earle and songbird Jonell Mosser.

The singer and guitar player is best known for fronting the Long Gone Daddies, consisting of bass player Dannie Mayo, drummer Bobbie Tipton, and keyboard player Michael Webb (these musicians also form the core band on Songs From a Corner Stage).

Stacey EarleAlso appearing is Stuart's wife, Stacey Earle, with backing vocals on two tracks, and friend, Beau Ramsey, contributing slide guitar on "Small Photograph."

Songs From a Corner Stage works best on such tracks as "Girl From Louisiana," with its folk-roots with a back beat feel. Other winners include the rocking "It's Not Me," and the CCR-influenced swamp rocker, "Boss Is Watchin'" (which really cooks).

Mark StuartThe album bogs on the slower ballads, such as "Lorraine": These tracks may work on the "corner stage," but have no recording spark.

Another down note: The album's cheapo art work. Couldn't we have something better than a black and white drawing on the cover?

Yet the music holds up, especially the infectious "Boss Is Watchin'." Give Mark Stuart a try.

For more information, contact:
Gearle Records
Post Office Box 739
Ashland City, TN 37015

- Randy Krbechek © 2000

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