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The proof is in the boozeHicky, The Proof Is in The Booze (Quivering Submissive Flesh Recordings 1999) - Out of the woods comes good ol' boy Bob Hicky with his band and a bunch of booze.

Is this for real or a joke? Hard to tell, but The Proof Is in The Booze is thirteen rounds of hell-bent hillbilly drinking songs, influenced by speedgrass and acid, with some Slim Dunlap and the Cruel Sea mixed in for good measure.

The neurotic hickyHicky consists of Bob Hicky on guitar and vocals, brother Jay Hicky on standup bass and jaw harp, brother Sean Hicky on vocals, and Mark Hicky on drums. (Are they really brothers? - I think it's a joke.)

The Proof Is in The Booze includes such bewildering tracks as "Drunk N Brokenhearted," "The Kinda Man I Am," and the concluding, "Hicky Porch Stomp."

Bad Bob HickyThe Proof Is in The Booze holds true to its course, a course previously charted by such acts as Nick Cave and Southern Culture on the Skids. Not for the thin skinned.

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Telltale Productions
2913 Franklin Avenue East, Suite B
Seattle, WA 98102

Phone: 206/324-1091 or 206/898-8253

- Randy Krbechek © 1999

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