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Bob DeleventeBob Delevante, Porchlight (Relay Records 1999) - Nashville native, Bob Delevante, returns with his solo debut album. With help from Music City friends, Delevante delivers a workmanlike slice of roots rock.

Delevante and his brother, Mike, recorded two albums for Capitol Records, including Postcards From Along the Way (1997). Bob sees a bright future: "There are so many new avenues opening up in the music business now, and the whole label thing is just a lot of problems. The contracts are dinosaurs. I know so many people who have gotten shelved. So we wanted to pull it all back and lay low for awhile."

Bob DeleventePorchlight was recorded at Delevante's Nashville home with help from such artists as Emmylou Harris (guest vocals on the somber "Why Don't You Love Me"), bass player Garry Tallent, and drummer Bryan Owings. Also making guest appearances are Kevin Gordon, Dewayne Jarvis, and Southside Johnny.

When Delevante lets loose on such rockers as "End of the Day," he's a potent force. And the uptempo roots numbers, such as "Gravity Takes Hold" and "Knockerboy," clip along. However, the slower ballads, including the title track and "Count Your Blessings," tend to bog.

In the studioDelevante remains upbeat about the music business. According to Bob, "It's funny - sometimes it takes you awhile to get what you want. Everything is a learning experience, and it takes time to figure it out. Things just happen, and you've got to believe that in time, they happen for a reason. And, like I said, I love doing this."

For more information, contact:
Relay Records
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Nashville, TN 37212


- Randy Krbechek © 2000

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