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Debbie AndersDebbie Anders, Suburbs of Eden (Franklee Mills Music 1999) - Suburbs of Eden is a pleasing eight-song CD from songwriter and vocalist Debbie Anders. Not too long, not too heavy, the new album moves easily.

Debbie hails from New York, and wrote all of the songs on the album, with assistance from guitar player Mike Blaxill. Debbie is a keyboardist, so her songs have a piano-based feel, such as the lilting, "Testament."

Debbie AndersAlso appearing on the album are Brian Delaney on drums, Jeff Allen on bass, and Dan Petty on electric guitar. (Debbie and guitarist Mike also play with the band Gladshot.)

Songs like "He Dreams Alone" and "Hitchcock Blonde" have more of a driving beat, carried effortlessly by Debbie's well-honed voice. Enjoy Debbie's piano pop.

For more information, contact:

Franklee Mills Music
c/o Joe Sugar
310 West 80th Street, Suite 1F
New York, NY 10024

Phone: 212/724-1628

- Randy Krbechek © 2000

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