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CultivatorsThe Cultivators, Mama's Kitchen (Hayden's Ferry Records 1999) - Fronted by 27-year-old Dan Israel, the Cultivators mix countrified rock with smart songs. Featuring elements of the Bodeans, Wilco, and a whole lot of Jayhawks, the Minneapolis-based combo delivers the goods on this 12-track disk.

In addition to Dan Israel on vocals, guitar and harmonica, The Cultivators include Jeremy Smith on bass, Tony Sampson on lead guitar and mandolin, and Andy Rauh on drums and percussion.

Dan IsraelIsrael spent some time in Austin, Texas, and it shows: There's an element of roots on Mama's Kitchen. But songs like "Never Stop to Run" and "All Alone" show that The Cultivators are skilled in their own right. Give a listen to Mama's Kitchen.

For more information, contact:

Dan Israel
4430 Cedar Lake Road, Suite 3
Minneapolis, MN 55416


Hayden's Ferry Records
Post Office Box 27747
Tempe, AZ 85285

Phone: 602/431-1115

- Randy Krbechek
© 1999

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