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Pat CisaranoPat Cisarano, Ah (Hapimusic 1999) - Ah is a homemade labor of love from New York chanteuse Pat Cisarano. Based around Cisarano's sultry voice, the album blends jazz and blues in a contemporary sound.

Pat is a veteran of the New York scene, known for developing such
Bleaker Street secrets as Joan Osborne, Spin Doctors and the Blues Travelers.

Pat CisaranoPat has worked with Bill Sims, who was recently featured in "The American Love Story" mini series on PBS American Playhouse. In addition, Pat has shared the stage with such renowned artists as Tony Bennett (who is quoted as saying, "Pat is the real deal").

Pat previously released her first solo CD, "True Love" for Rave On Records. Pat has also achieved substantial interest in the NYC area.

Pat CisaranoThe songs on
Ah have a smooth, flowing sound, populated by a swinging horn section and easy groove arrangements. I especially liked track six, "True Love," which has a bubbling baseline and sweet lyrics ("True Love" was also selected for the American Love Story soundtrack).

Fans of jazzy pop will enjoy Pat Cisarano. For more information, contact:

Post Office Box 310033
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Phone: 718/522-7161

- Randy Krbechek © 2000

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