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Cerro NegroCerro Negro, Corazones Locos (Mata L'Arana Records 2000) Popular Fresno trio Cerro Negro has released its second album, Corazones Locos. The band works from a flamenco guitar tradition, with Latin percussion and a gypsy-influenced acoustic sound.

The band on Corazones Locos includes Shane Gonzalez on flamenco guitar, John Martin III on percussion and bass, and Frank Giordano on flamenco guitar and piano. The combo recently added Brian Garcia as lead guitarist.

While the album is based in a flamenco style, songs like "Eos" are built around a classical piano foundation. The band also boasts an exotic percussion blend of congas, cajon, djembe, clave, and hand clapping. And John Martin III acquits himself well on vocals on such tracks as the Spanish-influenced, "Bohemia (Tangos)."

The album clocks in at a breezy 36 minutes. Cerro Negro reports that Corazones Locos is the number two best-selling World Music album at Tower Records, Fresno.

Cerro NegroCerro Negro enjoys an active live performing schedule, with appearances at the Java Cafe, Border's Books, and the Riverbend Jazz Festival held at Coombs Ranch. Last New Year's found
the band performing in Monterey California.

Corazones Locos aptly shows the nimble fingers of this local favorite.

For more information, contact:
Phone 559/284-5128

- Randy Krbechek © 2001

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