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Blue MillenniumBlue Millennium, Vintage Hi-Fi (1999) - Blue Millennium is an 11-piece combo based in Austin, Texas, with a smooth pop and jazz sound. Vintage Hi-Fi, their second CD, reflects the band's polished and accomplished sound.

The band was originally founded in 1997 as "Millennium Swing," but changed its name to Blue Millennium after swing became the new craze: this band plays stylish jazz.

Back yard hornsThe band includes founder David Glassco on keyboards, lead vocalist Andrew Boutot, backing singers Sebrina Cummings and Felicia Dinwiddie, Mike Barnes on guitar, Mike Hynes on bass, Michael Kopp on drums, Steve Samuel on percussion, trumpet player, Pat Murray, Steve Vague on alto sax, and session veteran Greg Wilson on tenor sax.

With its refreshing big-band jazz sound on tracks like "Cool Papa Bell" and "Ready for Radio," Vintage Hi-Fi is ready to jam. Also listen for the terrific concluding number, "Compared to What?"

For more information, contact:

Blue Millennium
2729 Exposition Box 182
Austin, TX 78703

Phone: 512/478-3038
Fax: 512/478-1360

- Randy Krbechek © 1999

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