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Vito AlvaroVito Alvaro, Hard Days Gone (Saverio Records 1999) - Toronto-based singer/songwriter Vito Alvaro has released his debut album in Hard Days Gone. With an up-to-date storytelling style, Alvaro is a refreshing entry.

Natalie McMasterFor the album, Alvaro is backed by a band that includes Doug Riley on piano and organ, Joel Anderson on drums, Jon Dymond on bass guitar. Also appearing on one track is Juno Award-winner Natalie McMaster on fiddle.

While songs like "I'll Make You Feel Fine" have an uptempo feel with Celtic influences, tracks like "Mr. Cadillac" bring to mind influences of Gordon Lightfoot.

In concertAlvaro has a confident voice, which is reflected on this smooth production of Hard Days Gone. For more information, contact:

Vito Alvaro
Phone 416/828-2221


- Randy Krbechek © 1999

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