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PremonitionJohn Fogerty, Premonition (Reprise 1998) - Veteran performer John Fogerty, best known as the leader of Credence Clearwater Revival, made a triumphant return in 1997 with Blue Moon Swamp, which won the Grammy for best rock album.

Fogerty's revitalization is captured in Premonition, recorded live on a Warner Bros. sound stage for television broadcast. With 18 cuts, ranging from "Born on the Bayou" to "Who'll Stop the Rain" to "The Old Man Down the Road" to "Fortunate Son," Premonition covers the full scope of Fogerty's recording career.

Fogerty photoA perfectionist in the studio, Fogerty stays true to the original studio arrangements. Yet he adds, "I have a very clear idea of what a performer should be live, and over the past year, I think I have come pretty close. A live performance in rock 'n roll should be exhilarating. The performer ought to give as much energy as a human being can."

Fogerty also found his music still touches people. Fogerty says, "I remember once during 'Proud Mary,' seeing this guy standing in the audience, smiling, singing the words with tears coming down his face. There was a lot of emotion there."

A consummate professional, John Fogerty should be heard by a new generation on Premonition.

Candy Dulfer Best OfCandy Dulfer, Best of (N2K Encoded Music 1998) - Though only 29, Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer has released six CD's of her own material (including the Grammy-nominated Saxuality and Sax-A-Go-Go). Candy's Best Of collects 11 songs, including three tracks previously only available in Europe: "ILU," "2 Miles," and a remix of "For the Love of You (Candy's On and On Mix)."

The daughter of saxophonist Hans Dulfer, Candy started playing at age 7. Says Dulfer, "As an only child of a musician, I quickly became used to the lifestyle. The instrument was easy for me to learn because I had watched for so many years I knew how to hold it and how to breathe. I was hooked on the stage, so there was never any question about what I would do when I grew up."

Candy Dulfer photoCandy has performed on albums by such artists as Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison and Pink Floyd, and is currently part of Prince's "New Power Generation" fall tour. Yet her studio recordings head toward the jazz side, with such songs as "Smooth" and "Jamming."

For a jazz instrumental sampling from this Dutch beauty, try Best Of.

My Way or the HighwayTuscadero, My Way or the Highway (Elektra 1998) - The happy foursome of Tuscadero return with their second album, My Way or the Highway. Featuring the group's uptempo melodies, the new album is a worthy follow-up to The Pink Album.

Tuscadero bandBased in Washington, D.C., Tuscadero consists of Melissa Farris on guitars and vocals, Margaret McCartney on guitars and vocals, Phil Satlof on bass and vocals, and Jack Hornady on drums and vocals.

The new album was recorded in Chicago by Keith Cleversley (who has worked with the Flaming Lips and Hum) and mixed in New York by Ben Grosse (who has worked with Republica and Red Hot Chili Peppers).

My Way or the Highway is a more mature recording, as Melissa and Margaret draw from the Liz Phair School of Songwriting. Thus, the new album features the ladies' slightly-twisted pop sensibilities on such tracks as "Tiny Shiny Boyfriend, and "Not My Johnny. Yet some of the old teen pop shine comes through on tracks like "Evil Eye" and "Temper Temper."

Fans of uptempo pop will enjoy My Way or the Highway.

Des'reeDes'ree, Supernatural (Sony 550 1998) - British soul diva Des'ree returns with her third CD, Supernatural. With her honey-rich voice, Des'ree has maturity beyond her years.

Now age 23, Des'ree scored worldwide success with her 1994 release, I Ain't Movin', which included the top five single, "You Gotta Be."

On Supernatural, Des'ree delivers a wizened and accessible sound. Thus, cuts like "What's Your Sign?" and "Life" are sensuous pop numbers with upbeat lyrics. The album's closing track is a rewarding cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Fire," performed as a vocal duet with Babyface.

Some of the ballads, such as "Proud to Be a Dread" and "Indigo Daisies" bog down at times. But the overall album is rewarding. Fans of international R&B will enjoy Supernatural.

RoxburyMusic from the film A Night at The Roxbury (Dreamworks Records 1998) - The new film "A Night at The Roxbury," is based on a Saturday Night Live sketch developed by actor/comedians Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan. I haven't seen the movie, although the reviewers have not been kind in dealing with the hapless Butabi Brothers and their efforts to break into the exclusive nightclub life at the ultra-cool Roxbury Club in Hollywood.

However, the album is a coherent, 14-song dance club track, with solid songs and great beats. Thus, the album includes a remake of the classic "Disco Inferno" performed by Cyndi Lauper, which segues effortlessly into "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy," performed by N-Trance (featuring Rod Stewart), which then moves into "Pop Muzik" by 3rd Party.

Also included are dance performances by Ace of Base, Amber, and Tamia (whose remake of the Wham hit, "Careless Whisper," concludes the album).

While the film may be getting tough reviews, the soundtrack to A Night at The Roxbury is an invigorating dance set, with top notch performances. You'll be pleasantly surprised by this disc.

- Randy Krbechek © 1998

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